Genuine online Schools/ Colleges/ universities/ Institutes and others website for form fill up:-

Internet does give a solution but oneshould be careful to avoid getting duped.With technology advancing every otherday, the avenues for learning are also becoming more and more plentiful formost people. But the bad elements have also taken advantage of this widow andare duping and exploiting student’s hard- earned money.

We have therefore BLUE HELPLINE come forward with providing genuine solutions to the perplexed students who desire to pursue higher studies.

Blue helpline website provide one platform for getting information of various reputed Schools/ Colleges/ universities’/ Institute and Government website all over India.

This website is for all the students who keeps the desire to know about any Schools/ Colleges/ universities’/ Institute and others website all over India they just have to click once on any (call) name as they like.

2.        These days , stories of people ( being ) come across through many difficulties to manage their time and come long way in search of a house rent online crooks post fake enticing details of house with all inclusive facilities and dupe people .

Also another problem faced by people is that there is huge rental brokerage free charged by the agents, broker which at time goes beyond two times of the monthly rent or 10% to 20% of the annual rent.

In order to help such bereaved people we are trying to make an ethical free of cost house rental seekers may approach us for house rent/Shop rent etc in India and we shall offer assistance without any charge for house rent seekers. 

How to add educational institute?

I.              Go to educational institute menu bar.

II.           Click to add your School/ College/ University/ Institute and others button.

III.         Fill your educational institute details and submit.

         Note: Website URL is most important. Example. http://www.bluehelpline.com

       Your educational institute will be added on blue helpline within 48 hours.  

How to add properties?

I.         Go to create new account and Fill your details (phone number is mandatory).

II.                Go to login section and fill your phone number and password.

III.              Add your all types of properties. You can add/edit and delete.

           Note: Once the properties have been sold then please Mark Soldout that from your account.
Click to add properties.



How to add services?

I.        Go to service menu bar.

II.      Go to add your services.

III.            Select service category and fill your details. You need to upload supportive documents (Aadhar card) along with a passport size photograph.

           Note: Your service will be added on blue helpline 
after verifying.